Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weight Updates

Had both the boys at the CHN office this morning for a quick weigh and measure.

Brendan weighs 14kg (dressed) and is roughly 104cms tall.
Tristan weighs 10.08kg and is roughly 85cms tall. Which puts him just above the 3rd %ile for weight and right up on the 75th %ile for height :o :o :o He's had a massive growth spurt! At 17 months he was 79cms and 9.66kg, at 18 months we only had his weight checked and he was 9.9kg.

Tristan has been referred on for Speech Therapy, his 18 month report showed that he was well behind for communication and he is also behind for personal-social skills. Problem solving skills are right on par for actual age. Gross motor and fine motor skills are all well above average :D

Over-all I'm not surprised, it's been coming for a while, I don't think he will need a lot of therapy... just a bit of a boost :)

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