Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tristan Update

There isn't a whole lot to update on Tristan. His speech is coming along now, he has about 10 words (only I understand them though). He'll have a hearing test in the next 1-2 months just to make sure he isn't going to have the same problems as Brendan does with his ears. He is still on a dairy-free diet and his nappies have improved. Developmentally I have no concerns, he is doing everything I would expect from an 18 month old, plus more. He loves scribbling and is already trying to jump (nearly two-feet off the ground jumping!). His bow-legs and inward toeing are no longer a concern for me either, one leg has improved and is barely noticeable (if you didn't know you probably wouldn't pick it). The only concern I have is his lungs. He still requires ventolin, even though the warmer months are here. We've devised a plan for winter this year to hopefully stop him from getting any worse (I'm hoping as he's a year older his lungs will be better). Photobucket


Hear Mum Roar said...

I hope as your gorgeous boy grows bigger, he'll find it easier to overcome some of these obstacles:)

Parenting Premmies said...

Thank you xx

Kaylee said...

I'm glad he's going so well Sal =) I hope he continues to improve!
Oh and gorgeous pic! xx

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