Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tristan at 21months

I had Tristan weighed and measured today and I'm very pleased with how he is going =)

He is now 10.7kg, 85cms long and his HC is 47.5cms. His length is just on the 50th %ile, HC is just above the 25th %ile and his weight *drum roll* is just under the 10th %ile - the highest it's been since he was 3 months old! I'm a very pleased mummy, he is doing so well.

He now has about 15 words =D
Mum, Dad, Brendan, tractor, truck, water, rock, dora, spongebob, bye, car, Mort (the work dog), teddy and hot. 
His pronunciation is a little out... but I understand him =D

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