Sunday, April 24, 2011

Activities that are usually alerting ~ Sensory Processing Disorder

Activities that ar e usually alerting (many of these activities belong under more than 1 sensory system)

Food: May be taste or muscles
Crunchy - popcorn, pretzels, bread sticks, dry biscuits, dry cereal, fruit, nuts, raw vegetables (eg carrot or celery), frozen fruit pieces
Sour food - (alerting and organising!) - lemon balls, sour lollies
Hot, spicy or bitter flavours
Cold drinks
Ice cubes - cold and crunchy!
Chewing on sugar free gum
Sucking - popsicles, frozen grapes
Sucking or blowing through a straw


Strong scents such as vinegar, garlic, parmesan cheese, coffee

Dance or marching music
Musical instruments
Cause and effect sound toys

Bright lighting in work areas
Visual toys

Cold water play
Splashing cold water on face, neck, hands
Sprinkler play

Fast swinging
Spinning eg on chair, sit and spin
Bouncing on lap, ball
Action songs eg "head, shoulders, knees and toes"
Fast rides eg in a wheelbarrow

Running, jumping, hoping, skipping, chasey
Trike/bike riding

Information from Avon and Central Primary Health, Child Development Team, Occupational Therapy Dept.

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