Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Special Needs

I'm not sure if it's denial or if it's my own way of coping, but even though Brendan is considered to be Special Needs I really don't see him as that. I mean I know what he can't do, I know he needs extra help, I know that he has a different way of doing things and I know that he perceives the world differently to most people. I think that's what makes Brendan, well, Brendan. Without those things, the hand twitching/flapping, the odd facial expressions, the echolalia, the behaviours many might see as 'naughty' those are all thing that make Brendan who he is. Some might label him a 'difficult' child, and you know throughout most days he is, but not because he is purposely being difficult but because he needs things to be just so and so do I. Brendan and I clash on a lot of things. I am sensitive to all loud sounds, where Brendan craves some loud noises and avoid others. I like to have my personal space where Brendan has no concept of personal space, I'm affectionate and like lots of cuddles where Brendan avoids them and only gives them on his terms when he is ready to cope with that. We are two opposites and he is teaching me to control my own sensory needs too.

On the topic of Special Needs, if you have a child, diagnosed or not, with Special Needs please pop over to the forum and say hi! Special Friends ~ For Special Needs and also visit them on Facebook too.

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