Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally! An Update!!

The past month certainly has been a test for us, but things are falling into place now and we are in a better position now. Thank you to everyone who offered support and things for my boys during our time of need. I really appreciate it all xx

Brendan is nearly 4, yep it's scaring me too, 8 days to be exact. Well 7 days and 7 hours exactly he'll be four. He's now 13.9kg and approx 104cms tall. He's now in Kindy, four half days a week (two mornings and two afternoons) he is really struggling with being left there, not that he hasn't been left before it's just he hasn't been left there before. All new kids, new teachers and an aide (which he didn't have before), can be pretty scary for any child, especially one with an ASD. He had his hearing tested today and he has improved, his left ear is now just within normal limits.... read that NORMAL, he's never been normal. His right ear is still bad though and the audiologist would like us to be sooner than June by an ENT, and is doing what she can to get that to happen. She's a gem, really brilliant with Brendan.

Tristan had his hearing tested today too, they wanted to make sure of two things, that A) he's not following Brendan's path and B) that his hearing isn't causing his speech delay. Well he is 100% perfect. PERFECT you couldn't get any better! I am not going to bother getting him weighed this month, 2 reasons... the first being I just don't have time, so many other appointments I need to clean the house at some point! The other reason being I just don't want to. He cracked 10kg last month so I feel I can breathe a little sigh of relief. Yes he might be underweight for his height but so is Brendan.

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Michelle said...

The boys are doing so well. I hope you get to see the ENT before June.

Parenting Premmies said...

Thanks Michelle x

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