Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tristan at 18 Months

Time sure has flown by, Tristan is now 18 months old (on 19/12), he is coming up to 17 months corrected age (on 28/12). He currently weighs in at 9.9kg Not sure on height as we didn't measure this month. He currently has 4 words and some babble noises, he can say 'bye', 'u-oh' and 'narna' (banana). I'm counting the next one as a word, for now, because it sounds like he is saying it, 'wawer' (water).

Tristan is still w-sitting, we are still working on correcting him and discouraging him from sitting like that, but he really doesn't like sitting normally! He is still walking/standing etc with his feet facing outwards, one of them is very noticeable. His bow-legs have gotten a little better over the last 2-3 months, they are not so noticeable now.

He is currently on a dairy-free diet and I am pleased with the results. He hasn't woken up during the night screaming for about 3 weeks now!!!! His eczema has almost cleared up completely and his bowels have some consistency to them, they aren't formed yet, but not too far off.

6 months until he is 2, how scary!

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